Pride of the Westside

There is no greater feeling than knowing that you helped someone in need. Our volunteers feel a unique and distinct sense of pride when serving the residents of Marlboro Township and Monmouth County.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a volunteer with Robertsville Volunteer Fire Company?

As a 100% volunteer organization, we are committed to providing a quick response time and the highest level of emergency services to the community.

“Volunteering is like having a second family. I have personally benefited by gaining a lot of friends and serving my community in its hardest times.”

- Matthew Molloy, Firefighter

We operate with a leaner volunteer base compared to our neighboring fire companies. This means that our members don’t have to compete with each other for hands-on training exercises or to have a seat on the firetruck when it's time to respond.

Start making a difference in your community today!