Why We Volunteer

“There is a gratification to volunteering that comes from self-sacrifice and commitment.”
– Jim Smith, Firefighter

“After college, I wanted to find an opportunity to give back to my community in an exciting way. Over the years, I have made lifelong friends, contributed to my community and grown as a person.”
– Derek DeLuca, Firefighter and Administrative Volunteer

“I joined to serve my community and I have met many great people here as a volunteer over the years.”
– Stephen Lax, Firefighter

“I have made friends and helped my community as a volunteer.”
– Nicholas Milano, Firefighter

“Volunteering is like having a second family. I have personally benefited by gaining a lot of friends and serving my community in its hardest times.”
– Matthew Molloy

“I volunteer because it is a rewarding experience where I get to see and do things the average person does not. It is a great opportunity to better yourself.”
– Asher Kantor, Firefighter

Becoming a volunteer has helped me make friends that have turned into my family.”
– Kate Campanella, Firefighter

“I originally joined as a teenager because my dad was a member, and like him, it was a way for me to help my community.”
– Brett Boyce, Firefighter

“Volunteering brings experiences and friendships you can’t find anywhere else.”
– Daniel DiMaiolo, Junior Firefighter

“There is a lot of opportunity to make a difference in not only your life, but the people that you’re helping.”
– Ciara DiMaiolo, Firefighter

Join us!